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Bag Lunch Policy

Please read and fill out the form below

Parents must ensure that their child's lunch is nut free, nutritious and meets the guidelines of the new Canadas Food Guide. Lunches should include items from each of the food groups plus 1 extra fruit or vegetable. A few examples of recommended food items are: whole grains, proteins and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Please do not include foods which are low in nutritional value and/or high in sugar content such as:


Please check food labels before sending lunches. It is important that lunches are nut free

✓ Lunch containers and lunch bag must be labelled with the child's name.

✓ Food allergy lists are posted in the room where the lunch program takes place. We ask parents to keep us updated in writing regarding your child's food allergies.

✓ No food items are provided by the lunch program unless a child has forgotten his/her lunch or the lunch contents are low nutritional value and/or high sugar content. We will have on hand sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and juice in this event.

A nut free bag lunch, provided by me is to be served to my son/daughter as a noon meal. I have been provided with information about the
types of food items which need to be included in the lunch as well as those which are not be included due to their low nutritional value and/or high sugar content.

I understand that it is the responsibility of the Madison Montessori Academy to ensure that the lunches provided meet the requirements for high quality and that the supervisor will bring concerns in this regard to my attention.